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I am growing to really like this program, tonight's episode kinda swung it for me with contestant beating the professional chef.  Pretty cool.  However I am conflicted because on the other hand I hate huge aspects of this show.  I hate the over handling of food, which is just gross and unhygenic but most of all I hate the waste of food.  Not just the stuff left on the plates after the tasting and judging but the pantry full of untouched veges left to rot and worse still the wasted meat and fish.  The other night there was a bowl of prawns, also a whole lot of duck another night...and the rest.   Does anyone else notice this?

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Well, you don't really know that its a) not fake food and b) not donated at the end of the day?

The overhandling of food annoys me

Hadn't considered the fake food option but do know that regulations do not permit restaurants and cafes from giving their food away at the end of the day so suppose that is the case here too. I am reminded of a chain of sandwich shops in the UK which I would pass daily to and from work. At the end of each day there would be literally piles of sandwiches at the back of the shops while homeless people begged across the street.

Well, I know here, that the Salvation Army collects unsold food at the end of the day and takes it to shelters. My sister used to work in a donut shop where they did that.

That's a relief to know.

I always wondered whether that's really what you'd want to eat ... tonnes of sickly sweet donuts. But then, we all got put off donuts after my sister came home smelling like them for 2 or 3 years.

I've been somewhat avoiding masterchef, since realising how much of a bastardisation it was of the UK version (which was one of my favorite programs in the UK). However, I have seen a couple of eps in the last week, and it *is* catchy. I just wish they didn't have to do such artificial challenges (i.e. cook a meal from 3 random aisles in the supermarket from tonight).

RE: food wastage. I'd hope one of the perks on working on a program like that would e free food to take home!!! :-)

I was also initally disappointed because I also loved English Masterchef. Rock on Lloyd Grossman!

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