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In response to angriest's post I thought I might put down a few thoughts about my grandparents...

I am quite fortunate in that two are still alive - poppa, my maternal grandfather who lives in Perth and nanna, my paternal grandmother who lives in Scotland and, who sadly I have not seen or spoken to for many years as she has advanced dementia and gets upset on the phone to anyone apart from my father (because in her memory we no longer exist).
Ironically, I have never been that close to either of these grandparents although I am fond of them.  The two I was fondest of died when I was a teenager.  Poppa (original in our family aren't we?) in England died of what we think was a stroke when I was 14.  I had only met him a few times - a viking of a man (without the horns) at about 6 foot with ice white hair and blue eyes he was loud, abrupt and well read.  He clashed madly with my father which upset me as a child but was incredibly generous to me.
My favourite grandparent was nana (just one 'n' thanks) my mother's mother.  She was simultaneously a lady and a ladette and I adored her.  She was called Betty - not short for anything. She chainsmoked Rothmans, gambled, had card nights while she was babysitting me and had wonderful expression like: (while showing the thumbs up) "sit on this and do what Oliver did" to show displeasure.  On the other hand she knitted and crocheted like a devil, always smelled of lavender and talcum (particularly in Summer when thrice daily baths - not showers - were de rigeur) and grew the best flowers in Wanneroo.  She gave me a childhood obsession with loving burnt food - particularly burnt toast and burnt roast potatoes, those awful baby red sausages with no flavour and with ginger flavoured things.  
As a young woman (27 I think) in rural Wanneroo in the 1950s she survived breast cancer and the removal of one breast. She had just had her second child and her eldest was a toddler.  She was an incredible woman and my mother has inherited her strength of character.  I hope I have some of it too.