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Guidelines for Children's stream
To assist those volunteering and those planning to use the children's facilities at Swancon this year, I have put together a few guidelines.  I have submitted them to be put into the con booklet by the committee in whatever form they see fit.  I just think that it is important that these things are said.  Sorry for any rubbish formatting here, it looked better in Word...  shrydar hope you are reading this and the comments in case there are comments worth noting for the final version. : )
I have just submitted the (hopefully) final version of the program to shrydar for the web and con booklet.  If you have volunteered - sarren logansrogue lyzbeth babalon_93 baby_elvis fred_mouse huckle hkneale splanky I am looking at you! Please check that all is ok as it is meant to go to print tomorrow...Wow, that gives me warm fuzzies just looking at that list of names, hope I didn't forget anyone.

Creche and Children’s stream guidelines



splanky  is organising the professional crèche.  All bookings must go through her.

Fan crèche is being run on a first come first served basis each hour it is in operation.  Max 5 children per adult.

Parent must “book” the child(ren) into the fan crèche and leave a contact number valid for the hour.  Each booking is valid only for the hourly slot and the child must be collected at the end of it.

Be nice to the person running the crèche at that time – they are volunteering their time to make your experience and your child’s experience at Swancon more pleasant.

There will be toys etc available to play with thanks to generous people, however please help respect their property as much as possible.

Hotel Room

The hotel room, other than Saturday when it houses the professional creche, is a quiet(er) space for parents and children (probably of the smaller variety)  to relax, chat and socialise with other parents and children. 

splanky  is generously providing a DVD player and some Wiggles DVDs for entertainment.  Please respect this property and any other DVDs other people may lend to the room.


There are a number of activities throughout Swancon in the children’s stream.  There is generally no strict age limit however, most are suitable for ages 3 and up unless otherwise specified.  It is best to ask the person running the activity.

A parent/guardian is expected to remain with their child(ren) for the duration of the activity – activities are not a crèche facility.

The person running the activity is expected to provide all the equipment they need for it.

Please be nice to the person running the activity – they are also volunteers.

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Some feedback:
I think you may need to be more explicit about the difference between the professional creche and the fan creche for people who have not been following the discussions and don't know yourself or splanky (i.e. on saturday there will be a creche run by a professional carer at a cost of $x per hour, bookings can be made via [splanky] on [number]. The fan creche is staffed by volunteers and is free to children of swancon members)

Parent[s] must “book” the child(ren) into the fan crèche and leave a contact number valid for the hour please have your phone on silent/vibrate if attending panels :)

Possibly also a good idea to have parents discuss any nappy or feeding requirements with the volunteer.

The person running the activity is expected to provide all the equipment they need for it.
If this is going into the con book I think it would be better to say something like "All equipment needed for activities will be provided by the facilitators" and tell the people running the activities individually. My reasoning is that this is really info for parents--it is too late to be telling volunteers what is expected of them *at the con* as they will have no time to prepare.

I was also wondering if it might be a good idea to have volunteers open the creche 10 minutes earlier than we currently have scheduled so that parents can settle their children and discuss anything they need to with the career and not miss their panels.

And on a personal note, my activities are really suited for younger kids-- probably more like 5 and under :)

otherwise looking good :)

Thanks for the feedback. shrydar and blacksamvara really need to take note of these - the notes were not explicitly for the con booklet in this form - rather my info to both volunteers and parents who may be reading the website in advance. I have already told the committee they need to edit to make sense in booklet form. Point taken about feeding/changing however, as each stint in the fan creche is 1 hour max before parent contact is required I don't really want to encourage feeding/changing the children. That could maybe be a case by case basis...A changeover time would probably be a good idea - once again will get shrydar to work that into the schedule. If you want an age put on your activities, and this goes for everyone, also let shrydar know asap.

At the creche at the gym I go to they have a no nappy changing policy--if your baby smells pooey they call you out of your class.

I think this would be a perfectly reasonable example for us to follow, both for convenience and for legal reasons (not that I am expecting that to be a problem but eh).

Either way is fine with me, but I would rather state straight up 'we're not doing it' rather than quietly not encourage it.

That's good to know. As you know I have no experience in such matters - I don't even know my gym's creche hours let alone policy. :) I think your suggestion is wise - we should definitely state that we won't be doing it.

Hi all - yes, I'm reading this post, and I will try to collate things into some additional website text at some point tomorrow.

Thanks. Please also include the non nappy changing/feeding policy. The things there are to think about...: )

You are doing an incredible job!

btw - baby_elvis (me) is Gina. I feel awful, but I can't match your lj name to a real name, so I apologise if I stare blankly at you for a moment at the con!

Heh! That's ok. :) I knew who you were (the icon also is a bit of a clue...) You do know me but not so well I think and my current icon isn't a huge help. I am talmor's other half. If not, we'll work it out at the con!

I've worked it out! Your name starts with a K and you had your wedding reception at the observatory!

Well done! We are facebook friends too, which makes this identity crisis even more amusing. Are we lj friends though, I can't remember?! : )

bigjobbies, my hubbie Terry, has grabbed the following from op shops for the kiddies room:

Swancon - A Stash of Kiddie Stuff
quick op-shop smash and grab has netted me

1. crate of Lego Quatro blocks (ages 1-3) includes a bunch of zoo-animal Legos
2. Jigsaws as follows:

3 x Winnie the Pooh (6, 9, 12 pc)
3x Sesame St (6,9,12)
2x Bob The Builder (24 pieces)
1x Thomas TTE (60 pc)
1x Barbie Nutcracker (100pc)
1x Barbie (100pc)
1x National Geographic Rain Forest (60 pc)

3. 1x Tumble Jumble Creepy Creatures Puzzle (rectangular blocks with pics on 4 faces making 4 different puzzles)

I figure this lot can be placed in the activity room for ad-hoc play - and it doesn't matter too much if they come home with me or find other homes afterwards !

That's really generous. Fantastic.

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