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KiddieCon - it's coming along...
I have had some great feedback about the fan creche and KiddieCon activities and splanky is sorting out the professional carer for Saturday. 

-I have moved the professional creche to the hotel suite for the day, leaving the activity room free for parents to hang out and draw etc with their kids when free and to have a space for KiddieCon "panels"  where programmed. : )
-I have otherwise made the activity room the primary room for either activities where scheduled or the fan creche when not.  This leaves the hotel suite as a quiet "drop in" room for parents on Thurs, Fri, Sun and Mon to hang out with their children/nap/have a cup of coffee (I am presuming normal hotel coffee facilities will be there) or watch tv. splanky , if  you are bringing a dvd player can it be hooked to the suite tv and this kept as the tv room?  THis might be safer and more contained than trying to set something up in the activity room...BYO  dvds, splanky has offered The Wiggles...

Things are looking good for submitting the "program" to the committee in a couple of days, just a few gaps to fill if anyone has an activity to share or is willing to give up an hour to mind the fan creche.  Times we need someone are:
4-5pm Fri
3-4pm Sun
4-5pm Sun
*10-11am Mon
*12-1pm Fri
* These two times can at a pinch be covered but by people who are already doing heaps.  If you can ease the burden that would be great.
If the other times don't get covered then there will be no fan creche or activities provided, however there will be two child friendly rooms to hang out in with your offspring.

At the suggestion of splanky I have tried to contact harveystoat to see if he would be interested in doing a session of clowning or child entertainment.  I haven't heard back so if anyone has a direct line to him, would you mind giving him a prod please to give me a yay or nay?  Many thanks!

Hopefully the next stage will be to see a final draft of the "program" on the swancon website, keep an ear and eye out for this...

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I'm happy to put some time in to the creche, but I have no idea when I'm already committed. If you just put me down for the appropriate number of sessions, and I'll panic later if I end up double booked? (I'm pretty sure I can't do the monday morning session)

Thanks. Sunday 3-5 sound ok? Looking at the program it doesn't seem you are on panels or anything then...

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