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Space for Children at Swancon update
Yes another one.

Many great points have been raised.  A few generous hands of support have been offered.  Based on these I am currently working on a provisional program but to make things work we need more people to step forward.  All I am asking for is an hour here or there when you are free.  You do *not* need to provide some form of entertainment (the activity room will be full of books, toys and there is a tv/dvd player too) just your adult body in the capacity of supervisor.

If parents are bringing littlies to a workshop involving craft and sticking themselves together or potential mess then it would be necessary that they hang around and help.  Thank you.

I apologise for all these little catch up posts on the topic.  This idea is new to all of us and as ideas and thoughts come in, so they need to be shared.

emma_in_oz , callistra , fe2h2o , huckle ,fred_mouse - are any of you able to donate an hour or 2 of your time to make this work?

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I'm donating money instead of time.
(I'm donating for one hour of the creche nanny.)
So does that mean I am giving both LOL

no need for apologies, clarification and information is always a good thing :)

Yes, happy to put in some time - been at work all day so have missed your posts. I'm not there Saturday, but happy to do something Sunday - I have egg cartons, elastic and an idea to make some space goggles/fake alien eyes that the kids can wear around the place and frighten the adults.

Great! Thanks for that, 12-1pm ok for that?

Yes. Also will be around to generally help at other times - sorry this isn't a firm commitment, I'm trying to say that if you need me to hang around and help in the creche or with activities, come and find me.

Also a huge THANKYOU for putting your hand up to do all this organising.

oooh, that sounds great! is it wrong that I am starting to find the kid's program more appealing than the mainstream? :)

Theoretically yes (hmm... although, equally, what about Livelurker, Cheshire and Artisanat?) I am currently trying to work out what I am doing for the con (and therefore what I'll be doing with the kids). I should have sorted it out by the end of the week, so I'll let you know later.

I get your point about the guys and considered it, however, you know as well as I do, that people tend to feel less comfortable with men minding children they don't know (unlikely I know in this scenario, but possible). I don't doubt their care and ability but don't want to put them in an awkward position...maybe at future cons if this idea gets up and running then we can put the more general checks and balances in place to allow for both male and female volunteers. As it is, quite a few offers of help have come from those with working with children/police clearance. I hope this doesn't hit anyone's buttons, I am thinking more of the guys' welfare than anything...
Don't worry about this year, the draft is in and we were only missing one hour at the end of the Friday so will close a little earlier - no stress. Maybe if you find yourself free you could drop by and lend a hand to an activity/keep the person running the fan creche company? : )

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