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Child space program - a rare unlocked post for all Swancon attendees
Ok, I'll do it.  I wasn't putting up my hand as I am not particularly well known nor my lj widely read in the community but if people spread the word (including to angriest who certainly has readership) then they can comment here, suggesting times, days and activities they might provide.

Now as far as I understand it we are talking about 2 venues -   A suite for child minding which requires adult supervision (has the Saturday been decided on vis a vis a qualified carer?) and the activity room next to Oshanashii (or whatever) on the 1st floor.  I don't think they need to run at the same time* although some overlap if we get it would be ok but we would need to try and have one of the venues operating with at least one adult (preferably with a parent or 2 to help) for most of each day.  Should we aim for, say, 10am til 4pm with a break at the regular lunchtime break?

These are just my thoughts, suggestions welcome.  I will do my best but can't guarantee we will have a fully "staffed" venue all day, every day, nor will I be the fall guy if it isn't what people exactly want (just a warning - I get paid to take crap every day, I am not paying to attend Swancon to take it! : ) ).  

Clarification as to what we need to do about Saturday would be welcome asap.

Ok, so comment below with constructive suggestions or with a time and day/ time day and structured activity (if you can do more than one stint even better!) and spread the word and I will try to put together a schedule or two...

*thoughts anyone?  I am just thinking about the less work and venues the better here...

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I am not bringing any children this year, but I would be happy to run an activity or two for littlies, maybe a paper craft thing.

Off the top of my head I can think of 'make a dragon puppet' (out of a toilet roll tube and some pre-printed paper pieces), and 'make a fairy wrist band' (out of some pre-cut craft paper and wrapping paper and a few bits of stick on velcro).

I would also be willing to volunteer as a helper for others that need help to run something.

Cool. Once someone from the committee can confirm the program is finalised (or very close to) maybe we can get some times down? Any times or days you absolutely cannot do at the moment?


Must have a time for fairy tales (and possibly an accompanying game or craft).

Instead of having a straight telling, it's good to get the audience to help participate in the form of acting out characters, etc. (We do fun stuff like this at the library all the time.)

Crafts are good, but so are games. (I like the idea of a fairy wristband, but would aim more towards fabric rather than paper.) Facepainting's also cool, if kept simple (like a flower or dragon on one's cheek, instead of full mask).

I will not be attending Saturday, but I (and my daughters) will be there on Friday, so if you want to have an activity somewhere for an hour or so, I'd be happy to help, as long as it doesn't conflict with any panels I'm on. I've got my Working With Children Check.

I am completely enthused about a Children's Track of programming. I hope future Swancons do more of this.

That's great. Good suggestions too. Any idea when your panels are (provisionally) on so I can start allocating timeslots for this?

I'm 'running' Gaming with Children on Sat afternoon in the gaming room on the first floor. I've pencilled in 1430-1700 at this point... more details to follow as time allows

Champion! I will be putting together a program/timetable for each of the child friendly areas based on these comments and will submit them to the committee for putting up on their site and at the con itself. I will also sort out "registration" for the children and their parents...

Feel free to prod black_samvara via the programme email address for details on programme stuff.

Also, the hotel room/suite and the little room on the 1st floor should be pretty damned close (as in possibly within spitting distance) of one another, if memory serves.

Feel free to prod me if it's easier for extra detail as I'm able to connect people and share information rather easily :)

Thanks! Spread the word. I was hoping that I could program so that either the activity room (with activities) could be used or the suite for "quiet time" rather than both at once (unless we get heaps of interest and can have both operating from time to time...) Sound viable?

I'd love it if the concom could let us know as soon as possible when/if there will be child minding and when/if a child program. I speak only because I am concerned about getting Pearl minded while I am on my own panels. Any idea of a timeline?

The child program/volunteer minding room is what I am working on at the moment. The hold up for total commitment from people seems to be that they are waiting to get a solid program from the committee. I would love to hear if Saturday is being taken care of by a professional carer as per angriest's post. Any update on that? That would be one less day for me to worry about...

*loves on you*

fred_mouse has offered to help populate the activities room with toys and 'stuff'.

Kaneda / kae_dash has offered to run 'Kiddy Combat' which is available for children ages 4 and up. Currently scheduled on Saturday 11 am.

Yay! This might just work...have emailed you with more detail and requests...: )

I will be there with the two-year-old during the day for the whole con, so I am happy to help out in the child room. Except the day we get the creche going if that happens - I will want to be out experiencing the con on that day!

I am trying to organise the creche at the moment. I'm working with Saturday as a the day as there would definitely be no extra fees as it is not a public holiday.

I am a bit worried about space for the creche at the moment. I was hoping the creche would be able to have one of the two rooms for its exclusive use. If not I would have to talk to the agency about whether they would share the space with non-creche children supervised by other people.

If you manage to get a professional creche for Saturday then we would turn the activity room over to that I would imagine. I was planning that if such a thing happened then there would be no need to ask for volunteers/activities for that day. For the time Kaedash is doing "Kiddy Combat" the carer could relocate to the suite. Can I leave the Saturday with you Splanky and get on with sorting Friday, Sunday and Monday morning?

We are very happy to bring communal toys, games and puzzles. I'd love to run a shrink plastic craft session -suitable for about 3 years and up. I will supply all needed items.

I can also bring toys and books.

btw - we're bringing a 3 year old.

I'd love to help out! I'm on two panels, I'm going to the Masquerade and I want to be at home for most of Good Friday and Sunday (yes, I observe Easter, but instead of the depressing praying I riff Easter movies with my sisters and try not to eat hot cross buns (I'm gluten intolerant)).

So any of the other times, like Thursday, Saturday and Monday, I should be fine.

Thank you so much! I have provisionally put you down to mind the fan creche from 11-12 on Monday...

Oh! And I can bring a guitar. I play music, so I can have a sing-a-long time with the kids.

Dragonfly and I are happy to organise some kind of children's activity for a two hour block - probably something art related.

We are also happy to take stints in child minding on the other days. (my preference would be to able to have some choice in when since I'm on three panels and acting as black_samvara's go-fer).

Our child is not coming this year.

Also, I don't (think I) know you, but you are awesome for taking this on.

Thanks for your offer. Sorry to push for a quick decision but if you could get back to me on this by tomorrow (Tues) afternoon that would be great as I need to get the final version in to the committee for inclusion in the booklet...I would suggest 3-5pm on Friday for the art activity if possible - that would give babalon93 a break too as she is already doing heaps. If that doesn't work then you could use the activity room on the Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours as it is free and an extra event on the Saturday certainly wouldn't hurt. As for supervising the fan creche, maybe you would be so kind as to take on one of my stints in the creche as I am pretty busy in there - Friday 11-12 or one of the Monday ones. : ) To get a better idea check out the program at http://2009.swancon.com.au/panels/children.

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