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I finally got around to watching "Das Leben der Anderen" (The Lives of Others) tonight on DVD.  I cannot praise it highly enough.  It was a beautifully crafted film and I adored the authentic feel of 1984 East Berlin.  Of course I was never there then, however, I have visited enough DDR history museums etc to get an idea of what to expect.  The weirdest part for me was watching what was basically an historical drama and thinking "That child in the street would be about my age".  That was a bit of a head spin, to think we were children or teenagers while the sad events of the film were being acted out throughout the DDR.  Also interestingly, the actor playing to main Stasi officer in the film was East German and was apparently under Stasi surveillance in his younger days.  Anyway, I won't give away the plot here but rather just encourage you to go and get it out and experience it.  

On a lighter note A and I watched "2 Days in Paris", the film starring and directed by Julie Delpy.  It was a real laugh, slightly cringeworthy in parts in its humor as much of it was based on the couple trying to get it on under her parents' roof.  However, it was so very French - chic, romantic and delicately handled that it rose above the sexual humour of  "40 Year old Virgin" and the like.  I don't think I will look at helium balloons the same way ever again...