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Having worked our way through recorded episodes of Heroes, What about Brian? and the most recent Dresden Files, A and I decided to sit down to Merlin.  The cast showed promise but we only lasted about 20 minutes before the ham acting broke our spirits.  Faced with nothing really left on the hard disc A suggested a DVD (a novel idea despite our reasonable collection) and in particular The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which he had bought me (rather appropriately) for Easter.  

I  have seen this film many times already but it still brings more than just smile to my face.  Every time I watch Aardman animations and in particular Nick Park's duo I see something new - another pun, double entendre or some other magic.  The shorter pieces are no less amazing in their detail and humour, if not more so because of the greater budget and time constraints.   I also love, particularly in this film, how they capture village England and its eccentricities so succinctly.  

So in conclusion, give Merlin a miss and check out The Curse of the Were-Rabbit for the first, fifteenth or fiftieth time - I bet you will see something new in it anyway.  

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Are you watching Shaun the Sheep (8am, weekdays, channel 2)? Fantastic, fantastic show!

No, unfortunately we didn't set it to record and as I like to watch things in their entirity I am hoping it may come out on DVD. I have heard it is absolutely lovely, particularly in the way it expects children to engage rather than just be entertained.

It is out on DVD - 'Shape up with Shaun', if you look at ABC shops on line..I have ordered one but no result yet.

Ha! I was going to ask the same question!
I watched it this morning. Disco Sheepie!!

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