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Ah advertising
To match the fervour of the olympics a certain supermarket has brought out a new ad.
It depicts various children at various competitive sporting events - pre dawn (and pre teen) swimming training, strapping young lads rowing etc.  As it is an ad for a supermarket it also shows them being fed freshly made breakfasts of various sorts, served up, on every count by women, presumably their mothers.  The mothers look on adoringly as their children run/swim and then eat.

I hate this ad. 

I don't agree with the whole before school "training" regime for young children and teenagers.  They end up coming to school and falling asleep at their desks before recess. I don't agree with pushing children to do competitive sport and making it the be all and end all of their lives to the detriment of their literacy and numeracy skills and budding social lives.  Considering how few youngsters will end up sports stars I feel the emphasis placed on competitive sport is disproportionate - by all means encourage kids to play after school sports, run around, ride bikes and have fun but does it have to be so serious?

I also hate the fact that is is just women (presumably mothers considering the 1950's message of the ad) depicted in the ad as caregivers, providers and supporters.  Where are the male rolemodels here?  The fathers, grandfathers, big brothers etc.  What century are we living in?