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Are you sure she's a woman Mike?
 Michelangelo is one of the most revered artists of traditional Western art history and while there is a lot that could be said about him to reinforce this, I'm not going to.  Instead I am going to point out something that is often overlooked but is so obvious you will never again be able to look at his work the same way again.  Michelangelo failed at the female form.  He has no idea how to sculpt or paint women (clothed or nude).  This has nothing to do with the unusual proportions employed by him for the sake of perspective (many of his works were designed to be viewed at a height from below eg David and so are foreshortened).  His sketches of the male form are many and detailed and show a sound understanding of the male form.  The main issue was probably, and it is known that,  he used these sketches of men as the basis of his female figures.  Oops.  Anyway the result of this, when you look, and I mean really just look objectively without the whole "oooh, this is a Michelangelo" you see lots of men in drag or, if naked, naked men with afterthought boobies plonked on like plastercine.  Take a look at these: 
Apologies for the poor quality here, someone's holiday snap, but strangely one of my favourite works, the Medici tomb, isn't much published on the web.  Anyway, I digress...Note Night's strapping figure and the strangely disembodied breasts.  
These are two of the Sibyls from the Sistine chapel.  Sibyls are traditionally women.  Enough said.
A final example.  The Holy Family from the Sistine chapel with Mary in the foreground.  One of Michelangelo's more feminine attempts but I still think she could give a mean right hook.  Once again notice the unusual breast arrangement.

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This was a cool post. I never looked before.

yep. men with chest bumps.

Now you mention it ...

I have often wondered about the weird breast placements in older art, which look like bad breast implants up in the armpit.

Yep, you will find that they were generally artists influenced by Michelangelo. : )

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