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 One of the panels I went to was the one by   splanky   and   huckle  on intentional communities.  While I find the idea fascinating and in theory a really cool one, I don't really think I would ever be able to do it myself. (I hated housesharing and love my privacy, I'm also a bit of a control freak but that's another story : )).  
Anyway, I was discussing it with A and got to thinking that while I wouldn't want to live with anyone else, maybe it would be an idea to work on the resources we all have in our own lj/swancon community and try and increase the links?  Maybe map who lives near who, what clusters we have in our metro area and who can support/share resources/socialise with who.  I know that a lot of us know where our immediate circle live but maybe, just maybe there are more out there...Maybe this is a way to start making connections, which may not only prove to be a useful (if more spread out) community but might also lead to like minded people showing an interest in moving closer together or even forming an intentional community in the future...

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I feel a GIS expert would be handy here, wonder where we could find one of those...

Mind you, Google Earth and a list of addresses would be a good start.

I wonder who that is :-)

Even just mapping them on a too-scale map gives you lots of spatial info.

I like living with people nearby, which is why it is great having F&S nearby and E and another friend a suburb over.

I like the idea of intentional communities, but I have to say that my actual interest would probably be restricted to us moving to the same suburb/portion of the same suburb:-) You know, walking distance from people would actually be really nice:-) But I think you have a good suggestion to help build our feeling of community where we are:-)

You're right there. Walking distance would be the best I reckon. Although I really enjoyed it when one of my best mates was living in the duplex next door - that was the best of both worlds until we needed to tidy the shared backyard ;)

That is a great idea. I know that I am also a control freak/private person who is happier in a home of my own. I so like the idea of living closer to friends in the longer term, though. I can just see so many advantages, from car pooling to get to the city, to babysitting clubs, to sharing stuff like lawn mowers or tools or expensive/rarely used kitchen stuff...

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