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Environmentally friendly nappies
 This is a query on behalf of a friend (yes, really for those of you potentially asking "Oh really?")  Who uses enviro friendly nappies out there (I know at least one of you : )), what are the pros and cons, what are the brands, what is the cost and generally, what are your experiences? Any comments and input appreciated. : )

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I've been much more successful this time around, which I put down to choosing _one_ brand. (Different environment to first time.) I've been really happy with Green Kids (greenkids.com.au), they're lovely nappies, made locally (Wanneroo), and the email/support/contact is _fabulous_.

We got the Complete Pack and Inserts (about $620 + $25 for a wetbag for carrying used nappies). On our usage, that was about 6 months worth of disposables. Obviously there is a certain cost involved in washing every second day, but that set of nappies should last the entire nappy time. (I'd go for the hemp only, after seeing some bamboo nappies I was very tempted, but they weren't available at the time. Looking at the ratings they get though—and talking to a friend who has some—the extra absorbency is _not_ worth the extra drying time!)

You do need to (pretty reliably) wash every second day, which can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

Overall though, I'm much happier with cloth (Modern cloth). We intend to use the same with Cygnet.

A good place to check out is OzClothNappies (ozclothnappies.org/)

"Oh really?"

(c'mon... I had to!)

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