July 19th, 2009


Voice of the Beehive

Hands up who has heard of Voice of the Beehive?  I was sent a cassette of Honey Lingers, in 1991 by my cousin in the UK.  Best present from her ever.  I listened to it non stop and later bought the CD once my cassette started sounding funny.  Thanks to Russ I also have their other 2 CDs as we both share a common love of them.  (Hope that doesn't destroy his musical cred too much...)

Perfect Place would have to be my favourite song on Honey Lingers

and strangely I also love I Walk the Earth from Let it Bee (strange if you listen to the lyrics of the two songs...)

I just wish that I'd had had the opportunity to see them live. 
Check them out if you are a fan of the Bangles, B52s and other feelgood 80s pop with female vocals.  Although my favourites are more lyrical, many of their songs will have you up and bopping in no time. : )