July 18th, 2009



I'm not going to do lots of female artist posts like some others although I am enjoying reading about what other people love, particularly in the way of female music.  Instead I might share a few of my favourite female artists and what they mean to me. 

Music for me is intensely personal and most of what I love to listen to has an association.  Like my husband, I also love to evangelise about various artists and hope others will be inspired by them.

Tonight I post about Kirsty MacColl.  A woman of extreme talent, humour and grace, who died too young.  I remember hearing the odd song of hers growing up but it wasn't until Russ introduced me to more of her work while I was at uni that I began to fully appreciate her talent.  My strongest memory though was when Tropical Brainstorm was released in the UK shortly before her death.  I remember the vibrant cover of the CD in all the shops, which contrasted so strongly with the tragic news.  I love that last album the most, the maturity she showed in her work.  "In these Shoes" is typical of this album, the influence of her time in Cuba, the sauciness and the wit.

Of course the song which reminds me most of hanging out with Russ drinking Earl Grey (with or without milk) is "Fairytale of New York" where she collaborated with the Pogues. 

The list of songs worth listening to is endless - "Days", "Walking down Madison", "Can't Stop Killing You"...but my absolute favourite for belting out in the car (and especially in my single days when I doubted the existence of a good man) is "England 2 Columbia 0".  Enjoy.

RIP Kirsty.