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Quilts and Swancon
Have managed to get up to date with washing and sorting my fabrics!  Came across some interesting stuff while going through this process, which I think I might have bought with the Swancon art show (or maybe a market stand depending on time for production) in mind. :)
So opinions?  What sort of quilts/quilted products might you like to see at Swancon or just made up by Jemima Quilts?  (eg lap/baby/kids quilts, wall hangings, cushion covers, tote/library bags...)
To give an idea I have some other colour lines of "Thunderblossom" which I made a quilt out of a couple of years ago:
I also have steampunk style Alice in Wonderland fabric, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony, Russian dolls and cute Japanese fabrics...
Any thoughts, ideas, requests and feedback welcome!

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I was thinking of trying my hand at a Doctor Who quilt... :)

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