catundra (catundra) wrote,

Unicorn quilt

More info on my quilting blog to follow but the recipient may look there so for now will just share here...
Iordered some material from a lovely designer on Spoonflower for this as they wanted "unicorns and rainbows" for their soon to be born baby girl and do you know how hard unicorn (particularly juvenile) fabric is to get at the moment? :) The colours seemed really bright on the computer but were more muted in real life, however they were still really sweet and made a beautiful sorbet coloured quilt.  It was a quick project - it just needed a border and a backing which I had in my stash and some quilting to define the squares.  No wonder it is called a
cheater quilt!  I self bound it with the daisy backing just to make it come together even faster as it has a plane to catch with the proud grandparents very soon...
Tags: craft
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