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The Dark is...?
 Yup, against better judgement A and I went to see this movie today,even worse - just after we had both reread the book...
The screenplay was done by the same guy who did "Trainspotting" + Fanatical Christians decided making a film based on a book which centres around paga/celtic beliefs is "a good idea" and "adaptable" = a what the? experience.

I went in with an open mind, expecting it to be nothing like the book and ok with that idea.  Unfortunately it seemed to take bits of the book and run with them in strange and mysterious places.  Although I loved the whole "Walker" and "Hunter" ideas in the book I can understand that a creepy time travelling tramp and a horned, owl faced creature with a pack of hell hounds could be a little much for a younger audience and so accepted their demise.  I am not prepared to take seriously the alternatives offered - buying a sign for a fiver in a shop and the unforgettable moment where the Rider gets trapped in a snowglobe - yes,a snowglobe.  This did give me a good laugh however, as did seeing the Old Ones fight ninja style with the rooks.  I also loved the introduction of the Rider's mother (!?) who speaks parseltongue - that along with "the Seeker" as an alternative title really showed that this film was a total original in thought and execution : )

I refuse to pick any more holes in the bad bits that bear no relation to the book or mutilate it beyond belief - there really is no point.  Instead, I am happy to have had a few laughs and a few cringes of horror.  I just really,really hope they leave the rest of the series well alone.