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All dressed up and nowhere to go

Trusty bridesmaid valeskah and I had our hair and make up trials this morning, which went well I suppose.  I was concerned for a wee moment that I would emerge with a beehive updo the way the hot rollers were bouffing my hair but no such comedy eventuated.  I also didn't get drag queen make up, which is nice.  Valeskah looked very cute with what can only be described as a Regency hair do with little ringlets at the front : ). 

Anyhoo, am now sitting at home with no plans for the evening and A about to leave for work.  Saturday night in with full mascara and a headful of bobby pins...I'll be watching TV in style at least.

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I always enjoy playing "hunt the bobby pin" after I've had my hair done. It's amazing how many they can squeeze in.

I wonder what would happen if you had an accident on a night out and had to have an urgent MRI? Would they have to just shave your head rather than risk putting you in the machine with a potentially lethal pin near your scalp?

Not that that's going to happen to you...

Thanks for those reassuring thoughts ; ) I think it's A who will actually be having the fun playing that game - he even suggested investing in a metal detector!

I was initially going to suggest a trip through airport security, but the MRI seemed more... dramatic. Perhaps I shouldn't watch House :-)

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