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It's been a while...
So time for a mega update.  I have been slack with the gratitude posts I was planning but largely because I have had so much going on in my life I haven't had time to focus on them.  I suppose for that in itself I can be grateful...
Apologies for the lack of cut but I have tried to do so twice and lost all my content...
  • So anyway, Swancon is as good a place to start as any.  We had a lovely, if brief time this year.  I went into it wondering if we should have committed to the whole time and was feeling a little regret about not doing so.  However when we left on Sunday I was very glad we had made that decision as Swanconning with a toddler is exhasting and quite tricky!  Also by this time Froglet really had had enough and he/we left on a high rather than completely and utterly wrecked and throwing tantrums. :)  A and I came down on Thurdsay night to submit my quilts for the art show and said hi to a few people before watching the opening ceremony and then heading to the Greenhouse for dinner.  This was a real treat.  The atmosphere wasn't really us as it is very hip, very loud and quite industrial.  We are just a bit old and conservative :).  The food however was amazing.  Tapas style and every dish a treat.  We got in just in time though as we heard orders being taken where they had to apologise for running out of this, this, this and that.  We didn't get one dish we ordered and had a (not quite so outstanding) subtitute but the rest of the dishes were incredible.  The haloumi was very memorable as was my squid and the heritage vegetable coleslaw thing.  Oh and the dessert with salted caramel praline, chocolate and other yummies, which we shared.  We checked into the hotel for the con on Friday and I really loved the venue and the con space.  The family room in particular was comfortable and welcoming and Froglet had a great time in there.  That's where we were most of the time actually. I ventured to a couple of panels, which I chose carefully and wasn't disappointed with.  Other than that the Dealers' room was a venue of choice as was the art show.  Both my quilts sold, which was very exciting and I bought a watercolour.  Also purchased a giant rubber duckie for Froglet.
  • Easter was fun.  Leaving the con early meant we could have a proper Easter at home.  Froglet had an easter egg hunt and was very excited by the experience.  I ate too many of my mother in law's hot cross buns which get me every year.  They are some of the most amazing buns on earth...We are still working our way through Easter chocolate...
  • Froglet is making real progress and learning something or even many things new every day.  He can run now and throws a ball quite well.  He can even kick a ball sometimes.  We are working on doing a bit of German every day and he is starting to look less puzzled when I speak it.  He can even say a couple of the numbers now - neun for 9 as well nine which is his favourite number and ein for eins or 1.  He can't say one so he uses ein instead, which is really interesting.  He knows the whole alphabet now too although he says some letters phonetically rather than the letter word as they are easier for him (like fff for ef/F).  He can even say the next letter in a series so if I say A he says B etc.  He has a cracking sense of humour and a totally infectious laugh.  He loves to walk around with the baby monitor to his ear and says he is talking to "Papa" (grandpa).  If the toast pops in the toaster he can be heard anywhere in the house saying "pop!".  He loves animals and makes many sounds or gestures for them.  Latest is sticking his tongue in and out for a goanna.  These gestures and animal sounds have become substitutes for the animals themselves so he will flutter his hand and fingers when he sees a butterfly or say "meow" when talking about the cats. 
  • I have been carving out more time for myself, going to the gym on an almost daily basis where Froglet can go in the creche.  This has really helped me physically and mentally.  I also walk with a friend on a regular basis and our chats and coffee and time at the park with our toddlers has been really valuable.  I am working one day a week and have picked up some contract work writing and reporting on exams and supervising pre service teachers for UWA.  A number of things have aligned of late which has meant I feel like I have turned a corner and have started to find my old self again and even rediscover my lost mojo.  Exciting times ahead.
  • Socially things have been quite busy too.  A and I went to see "Pirates!" at the drive in inspired by Leece and co.  It was good, clean retro fun and I'd love to go again.  I spent much of last weekend cooking for R and L's engagement party, which went really well although I spent most of it behind the scenes.  Some lovely people were nice enough to come and have a chat in the kitchen or bring me some bubbly.  The couple of the moment seemed to enjoy themselves which is the main thing and it was a really lovely event.  I took time out on Saturday to go to Redbraid's birthday high tea which was a lovely interlude wich good company and delicious food.  The walk through Perth was also good for blowing away the cobwebs.  This weekend I have a wedding to attend on my birthday, which I feel is great timing and a good excuse to dress up, drink, eat cake and dance for both celebrations!  On Sunday I am celebrating my 37th with my families.  Good times ahead.

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It was lovely to see you on Saturday.

Glad you feel like your mojo is back!

That all sounds great :-) Glad it is falling into place nicely at the moment.
Froglet is leaving my little one for dead in the cognitive dept. She is barely saying anything, definately no alphabets!!

Thanks, things are looking up. Hope things improve for you, especially on the sleep front. No doubt A is putting her energy into other things and will speak when she feels she has something valuable to say. Froglet has inherited my childhood chatterbox tendencies. :)

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