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Gypsy quilt
I have quite a few quilting projects on the go, now only exacerbated by a most wonderful trip to the craft and quilt fair on Thursday where I attended a couple of inspiring workshops (one on I spy quilts and the other on one material quilts), unfortunately failed to attend a quilt as you go workshop, bought various items of equipment (yay!  Thimble/Tumbler ruler!), a book (on one material quilts), picked up a couple of free patterns and added much material to my stash.  Phew.

Still, now the William Morris quilt is done there is one more place in the queue and only two pressing projects (a baby quilt which needs to be done for September and an advent calendar which needs to be ready, well, for advent) really need to be cracked on with.  The quilt which is going to shuffle to the back of the line is a gypsy quilt.  Not sure why it is called that, it's not my design but another one from a one day class I am taking in June to refresh some skills and catch up with my wonderful teacher and mentor.  It is meant to be a bit of a mixed media kind of quilt which is a challenge for me and part of the reason I want to do it.  It is designed to teach you a) more about colour, tone and value and works with two colour families and b) how to sew various conflicting fabrics together (silks/velvets/cottons etc) rather than sticking to the traditional quilting cottons although these form the bulk of the design.  Given the name and the brief I could hardly go conservative with my fabric choice so I have spent the last hour or so auditioning fabrics starting with a couple I really wanted to use.  These were some Kaffe Fassett fabrics I picked up at the craft fair.  I have been dying to use some of Kaffe's designs but didn't feel confident enough until now to either commit to buying any or using them as they are incredibly bold.  I then added to them and ended up with a range of purple/violets and orange/pinks.  Tomorrow I hit the fabric shops to get small amounts of textured non cotton materials that fit these colours.

Put on your sunglasses.