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Quilting bee blocks
Two more Stitchwitches blocks completed (a little while ago but it took me a while to send them off and then I got distracted about blogging them...)

Stitchwitches quilting block 4. Brief was to use as many or as few of the materials sent. The recipient liked the idea of modern versions of traditional blocks. This is Ohio Starz - a cut loose version of an Ohio Star block by Jan Mullen.

Stitchwitches quilting block 5. Brief was pretty open really, the sender liked geometric shapes amongst other things and disliked anything twee. The request was to use at least one of the paisley materials but other than that it was pretty much left up to us. I decided to do a "tumbler" design and highlight the hexagons.

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BTW, has my block arrived? I posted it Monday.

I have also just finished Jennette's, and gave it to her last night. I need to upload both photos. My original goal was to get them all done by the end of January, but I will see. I am so far behind! :-)

Yes! It arrived yesterday, I meant to email the list but a certain M got in the way. :) Thanks very much for it, it's super.

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