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Material I am digging at the moment...

From fatquartershop.com

Kaffe Fassett fabrics - too many amazing ones to mention...just check these out!

I am considering splurging on some Jan Mullen brights as she has a new range called "Fresh Mixerz" out.

Just when I thought my taste in fabrics couldn't get any brighter...


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Oooh they are so pretty! I can fully understand why you are coveting them! :)

Do you need more food parcels?

Aren't they? I must be going through a magpie stage...
I think the freezer is pretty chockers now thanks! You just try and relax...:)

Oooh! Pretty!

I _don't_ generally like brights, but those are fabulous:-)

Playing with different quilt ideas and seeing what others do at class has really opened my eyes to brights (and also to uglies) but while I can justify picking up little bits of ugly to make something work I just love the idea of collecting some brights! So I have bought them as a self indulgent baby/you aren't at worldcon present. :) I justify this by thinking I probably would have done even more damage to the credit card in Melbourne!

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