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Catching up on Bee blocks
The last couple of evenings I have turned my attention to working on my quilting bee blocks as I was getting a bit beehind. :)
Poor girliejones still has to wait for her VQB block as it is in the planning stage but as it employs a new and as yet, untried technique I need to be a bit more focused in order to execute it.
The two I have done are for M and R in the StitchWitches group. 
This is M's:

The brief was to use the fabrics supplied (from the "Plume" range, which she described as "audacious and exuberant" - I tend to agree!) to create something feminine, girly and romantic. She likes flowers, butterflies and hearts. It could be modern or traditional and could include applique. I adapted an idea I found on the net incorporating traditional piecing and some appliqued hearts.  I wanted to work on my applique technique in this block and I like the way the fussy cutting of the boldest fabric shows it off.  It would have otherwise been a rather tough fabric to do anything with...

Here is R's block:

The brief for this one was more specific I thought.  It was to use the materials supplied in order to create a pieced block only. She was keen to receive a Jinny Beyer block or at least one inspired by her and was interested in 3D effects and/or stars. I used Jinny Beyer's "Farmer's Daughter" block to create this one.  However, in my last brief foray into Jinny Beyer's online templates I discovered the measurements could be less than accurate.  I therefore "cheated" by doing what I do better and pieced it out of squares and half square triangles rather than template pieces.  The overall effect is still pleasing though I think, largely because R has an excellent eye for tone and what works to create 3D.  While I think I have a fairly good grasp of colour, I still struggle a bit with tone and this block taught me something about experimenting with that.  I like the way the pillars seem to rise from the sky in some sort of perverted Escheresque way. :)

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My mum is going to love that! It's stunning

I also love M's block

I was going to say what a coincidence to have the exact same brief for two separate quilting bees but I guess Girlie Jones' comment explains that one!

I love the block for M - the shape made by the back of the hearts in the centre is wonderful and the harlequin effect has always been a favourite of mine.

Thanks! I was happy with the way they both turned out. The plume was a bit trickier to work with though but the hearts do it justice I think...

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