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Another block
I haven't been posting much about my quilting lately because I have been a bit preoccupied with more "practical" sewing and the quilting I have been doing are still generally works in progress.  I did however complete the first block for my second quilting bee group StitchWitches.  The fabric and brief came from girliejones who is also a member of the group.  She sent a lovely sample of what I think is Hushabye Tula Pink (correct me if I am wrong GJ) plus some plain pink material to work with.  I love being a member of the quilting bees because it gives me the opportunity to push myself a bit and try things I wouldn't necessarily do for a whole quilt (usually because of the degree of difficulty!)  The brief for this one was to be inspired by French seaside/vaudeville/Art Deco...with a modern twist.  Here is my interpretation:

It's a variation of a traditional Drunkard's path block.  I found some modern interpretations/rotations of the block on the net (which I can't link too because they have since been removed...very mysterious!)  The idea of strip piecing part of the block came from there too and is a technique I enjoy because of the interesting results.  In this case the challenge for me was machine sewing curves.  I finally feel like I am getting the hang of that.


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That's fabulous! The closest I've ever come to stitching curves like that was sleeves, and because they're often gathered, they're a lot more forgiving! This style block has always scared me rather!

Thanks! Yes, it scared me a bit too as I had only sewn curves I think once before this so knew the theory but had had little practice. Still for once I used many, many pins and took it slowly and it seemed to work out nicely. I can't imagine doing a whole quilt like this though!

I must say, it's one of the things I'm appreciating about the quilting bee... it's "forcing" me to try new things:-) And it's only one block, so it's achievable:-)

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