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June block for VQB
This month we were briefed to create a traditional feeling star on a white background for a girl's quilt.  We were all sent slightly different fabrics (apart from the white) which was nice.  I received the pink circles which formed the centre of the star and the pink check.  I added the hot pink tonal for accent.  The pattern is by Jinny Beyer, an amazing designer often quoted by girliejones in her craft blogs.  I thought it about time to try out her (rather technical) designs. 
As a hand quilter Beyer's patterns still translate well to machine although I found the number of crossovers at various points a real challenge.  They generally seemed to line up ok in the end after a bit of cursing and unpicking though. :) Also, despite apparently having a seam allowance my block came in a tad small despite skimpier seams than usual, hence the added border, which is a bit of a shame but shouldn't be too obvious once the quilt top is pieced together...
I am glad I challenged myself though rather than playing it safe.

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This looks really great:-)

I was amused by the similarity between this 'task' and yours:-) But with the fabrics so different, it will be really interesting:-)

Yes I was too because I settled on mine and wrote it up a couple of months back. :) Still, with the different fabric and slightly different brief it will be interesting to see the results.

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