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Focus groups
I regularly take part in online surveys for market research but have only once made the cut for their focus group - that time it was about cooking dinner.  Usually I get a quick thanks we'll be in touch but I just know I have been rejected, usually on basis of sex, age or not smoking or drinking or being the market to buy a really expensive house or car. 
Today's was pretty funny though.  I lasted longer than usual.  It started by asking the usual statistics of age etc and then moved onto questions about doing or being interested in doing tertiary studies, when I wasn't interested it ask if I had children interested in tertiary studies.  So far, so relevant. 
Then the trick question - How often do you buy fresh fish?
What the?

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Hee, I did that one. I was like wait, more than once a month but less than once a week! It's all too hard!

Yes I struggled with that one too as I buy it probably once a fortnight but buy enough to eat once a week...

Ah, see then, the once a week option is valid for you! I've been known to eat salmon 4 times in 5 days and then have barramundi the next day, and then have seafood only sporadically for the next month :)

Basically it depends on when stuff is on special.

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