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Two more projects
My contribution to the quilting bee for March.  The brief was that the person is inspired by and interested in kaleidoscope quilting and the art nouveau style.  We were sent three materials but I only used two of them.  Most of the block is hand sewn, which is a novelty for me.

lyzbeth came up for a visit last Friday and we spent the day doing craft together.  I managed to complete the quilt top for a baby quilt out of flannels I was given for Easter by my parents in law (due to my current apathy towards chocolate) plus a couple of additions.   I finished the quilting yesterday and the binding today.  It is intended to be a relatively hard wearing, light weight quilt for taking in the car/pram and I think the style and finish suits this purpose.  Anyway, after having produced a few baby quilts for others it is nice to have one for our growing family. :)

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That's very cool! I haven't even thought about termagent's block yet, but that's most inspiring:-)

Thanks. That's what I am enjoying about the bee - the opportunity to be challenged to try something different. I would never have thought to do a kaleidoscope block otherwise but I have to say I am quite pleased with the overall result. :)

Puggle has just noticed the block, and said '_Wow! Whose block is _that_!?'
I'm thinking he'll start knitting with needles this year:-)

It's a really beautiful block, I couldn't be happier with it and feel so lucky to be the recipient.

What is that you are using to hold the layers together on the baby quilt? Given who you live with I am tempted to guess alligator clips but they don't look quite like that.

Glad you like it. :) Oh, those are just clothes pegs - the photo is on its side. The quilt is actually complete and bound in this picture but as my usual "quilt model" was at work so I resorted to pegging it! I take it you have worked out the significance of this quilt?

Congratulations! I was very happy to hear your news. I must say, your original post was a little obscure for me, and I don't know that I would have picked it up except that (catching up after my usual LJ hiatus after busy periods) I read Huckle's response first, which was less cryptic.

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