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Two more quilts finished
 Here is the wedding quilt I made from an Oh Fransson! pattern.  I used Essex linen in lavender and a mixture of materials from my stash.
The front...

A detail...

And the back.  The linen wasn't wide enough so I made a strip from the various materials on the front.

The second quilt is the baby quilt.  The main blocks are Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo.  Cute, no?

A detail:


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You have an amazing eye for colour.

Thanks, I love colour and considering how bad I am at painting, quilting has become a means to use colour liberally!

They are both fantastic! I like that you pieced the back as that is in the spirit of quilting.

Doing the back of a quilt is sometimes almost as much of a challenge as the front! The baby quilt was small enough not to need piecing and I have to admit I sometimes find this to be a bit disappointing - like I am cheating or something. :)

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