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Hot off the press!

If you are coming to the Swancon Project Runway session at 9pm on Sunday evening you will indeed have the lovely lyzbeth as host.  However, if you are hoping a certain talmor will play cohost then you will be sadly disappointed. 

talmor was really looking forward to telling people to "sashay away" but this meant he had to be fired from the job for inexcusably quoting from the wrong reality TV show.  catundra has graciously agreed to step in at the last moment following this scandal.

Sorry talmor , you have been Auf'd.

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umm, when did you stop speaking English?

What if I tell them that the council has spoken, and then extinguish their torches? Or make them hang up their aprons and leave the kitchen?

The new programme is up on the web, and you'll be happy to know that it's made things perfectly clear. 'Andrew Williams' has been removed from list of panellists, and replaced with '??? Williams'...

I always told you I was a woman of mystery but did you believe me??

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