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New fabric!
My "California Dreamin" fat quarters arrived yesterday and they really are good for the soul.  The colours are amazing!  I never thought orange and pink would look so fresh and lovely together.

I had started a disappearing 9 patch quilt for one niece in a variety of pinks, greens and a bit of blue but was stuck on what to do for her twin.  I wanted to do something similar - complementary but different and was playing with purples.  Now I know  - a disappearing 9 patch in pink, orange and purple. : )

The "Far, far, away" fabric with the unicorns also arrived.  That is also lovely.  However since ordering the material I have read "Horn" and I cannot ever look at unicorns the same way again (although  I want some of it to appear on this quilt for my niece).  Thanks girliejones  for ensuring there are books in this world that break my brain. ; )

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Hey, I didn't write it! I just bought, published and then distributed it!
It broke my brain too!

So pretty! That design would make a great scarf or some such!

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