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Children's space at Swancon 2010
Hi again.  Thank you very much to those people who have said they would be interested in meeting up.  Much appreciated.  However, still no word from any of the 2010 committee, and their support and interest is kind of vital...
I will leave organising a time for now (although the Tuesday of that week is looking possible, should we have more interest) and post this to the parasol group and facebook group (again) in the hope of more interest.  Otherwise, as I said, I am busy with 2011 at this stage and so will probably let this slide for this year.  Any other takers welcome. : )

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Sorry, forgot to comment on your first post!

Yes, I'd like to come along and discuss. I won't be at Swancon this year but I can hand over professional creche stuff if someone would like to take that on.

Kings Park would be my location preference.

I don't think I commented previously either. Will be happy to have limited involvement but energies directed towards Aussiecon 4 at the moment.

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