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A new year's gift
My current quilting projects have been stalled a bit thanks to Christmas postal delays - the fabric I need to press on is currently in transit from the USA.  However, being on holidays I have felt a need to craft and so, thanks to a tutorial from sew, mama sew! I have tried my hand at making  little pouches which can be used for keeping electronic gear safe.  They suggest an iPod or camera, it would work well for a GPS or other gadgets too as it is approx 5" x 7" in size.  I might use mine for my iPod when travelling or maybe my funky new camera.  The more masculine version is for A's uncle's GPS.  I suppose they could have other uses too...

Here they are:

And open to show the lining:

Gee I love my new camera!  However, I digress.  As I am at a bit of a loose end at the moment and to share some new year cheer and bring in 2010 with some warm fuzzies for my flist (and I suppose any lurkers here), I am offering to make a pouch for people who comment.*  If there aren't many comments I will probably make one for everyone, if there are lots then I will choose a selection a la craft blog competition. : )  Anyway, to help and inspire me, if you would like one leave me a comment.  Preference will be given to witty/grovelly/cool comments - and maybe suggestions as to how you would use it.  Also let me know if you have any particular fabric colours or styles you might like to see or definitely don't.  No promises but I will do my best!

* of course you could always make your own!


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I really admire the way you've thrown yourself into sewing. I want to really get the hang of knitting next year.

Thanks! I used to knit a bit, my mother is a very keen and good knitter but reading the patterns is confusing I find. I suppose it is just a bit like code breaking. Any particular colours or patterns you like?

They are so pretty! And practical! The best combination :-)

They are, I think they are very cute. : ) Surprise you or do you have a request?

Iphone? I don't have one but I would like one when I can afford it :-)

Request for your pouch materials (colour/pattern...)! Sorry, can't provide you with an iPhone although if we win tomorrow's lotto maybe I'll stretch to one for you ;).

I'll keep that in mind! We have a ticket too :-)

I love fun things, non-traditional. Surprise me!

My friend Rhonda makes interesting and practical quilted things which you might find inspiring if you feel like a change of pace:


She sells a few patterns too.

Thanks for the rec, I love etsy. Do you need a colour that doesn't show cat fluff or are you feeling frivolous? ;)

If you can find a colour that doesn't show cat fluff then you're well on your way to cracking cold fusion.

I like florals on black backgrounds, if that helps.

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