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Children's space at Swancon 2010
So...it is probably time to try and think about this one again.  I am very busy (and will only get busier) with Swancon 2011 this year but want to try and hold something togther for the children and families at Swancon this year for the benefit of all.  Not entirely sure what form this will take or who will step up to the plate to help make this work.  However, now is the time to get the ball rolling.

I therefore throw it out there that I would like an informal meeting of some sort with interested parties.  I suggest one day during the week of 18 Jan (until 22nd), for coffee or light lunch somewhere child friendly where we can gather and consider and plan.

My wish list:
  • A show of hands of those interested (I know baby_elvis has expressed interest in participating amongst others).
  • A date, time and place of general convenience for those interested.  King's park?, Leederville?  Tomato Lake?...
  • Some word from the 2010 committee as to what sort of space/child friendly programming/professional creche facility might be provided this year that we can work around or towards.  The attendance of one of the members of the committee at this meeting would also be appreciated and helpful.

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Count me in. I have a car so I can go anywhere. I do like Leederville.

I can do Saturdays as long as it's not an early lunch, or Sundays. Any weeknight, as long as i have plenty of advanced notice.

I'll be in for that.

I'll say not Wednesday (probably), although, we're hoping to have Puggle swimming that week, in the mornings... will know by the 10th, so I wouldn't be arriving until after whatever time that would be.

I am interested, Tues or Weds suit us best.

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