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Gettin' crafty
I can't post my latest Virtual Quilting Bee block just yet in case willowgypsy peeks but I can post my table runner.

I am quite pleased with this - it is the first really tricky and unassisted project I have completed so far.  As per tradition, no matter how badly it turns after quiltingout I will be giving it to my parents to proudly display for an appropriate timeframe (in this case it is Christmas appropriate) as parents always have to proudly display the handiwork of their offspring, no?  This really is no different from a gold painted macaroni encrusted jam jar vase really...

Here is a close up

If I had my time again I wouldn't put that tiny inner border that looks like piping on it.  It was a complete sod and really doesn't do much (apart from make the outer border harder to attach and sit properly).  To give you an idea -  it was a 1" piece of material, folded then attached to the entire length of the (3 x 12" blocks) with a 1/8" seam allowance.  Then the border was attached to this tiny flap also with a 1/8" seam allowance.  It certainly was an exercise in sewing accurately but not really worth the hassle I don't think.

The next step is to quilt it.  The back is done as a patchwork of wide strips of the 4 materials in the front and quite strangely I think it looks much nicer.  Still, as A said, that just means I have made a double sided table runner!  Will post the final product when I get the courage up to complete this final stage...

Some of you have seen my growing stash.  I was having a play with tones and patterns last night and came up with some rather soothing arrangements, to my eye anyway.  Here is some of my stash

Sooo yummy.  I was playing with ideas here for quilts for my nieces.  They love pink and purple. I then somehow ended up on the internet looking at material (I don't know how this happens, honest) and ended up not being able to resist this layer cake.  Maybe it's the name.  This purchase has set me thinking about another way to approach their quilts...  I think the colours in my stash have made girliejones ' brain explode though. :)


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*grin* I like the colours:-)

And I did think that layer cake was _very_ cute... out of stock now though, how many did you get?!

The table runner is indeed fabulous:-)

Ummm, a couple? Glad I got in when I did then, I haven't seen that design anywhere else!

What do you mean, made my brain explode?

So much garish colour. :)

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