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Femmecon & Kiddycon at Swancon
I am in somewhat of a dilemma.  I have got my day membership for Femmecon next Sunday and time on the programme to discuss the children's stream at Swancon.  However:
  • From what I am hearing there may not be many interested parties going to Femmecon this year who want to discuss the stream and who this is useful for.
  • Although I said I was happy to help organise the stream for 2010, I have not heard a peep from the committee despite having approached them some time back.  This leads me to wonder if they are really interested in making it happen as I don't fancy doing it  without support and backing. 
  • Should they be interested in making it happen for next year, maybe a separate get together of interested parties might be more worthwhile?
As it is, Femmecon unfortunately has bad timing this year.  I have just spent the past two weekends doing PD for school and am in need of some weekend space, on Wednesday I begin TEE marking and as I have a wedding on Saturday, Sunday would be a good chance to do that too.  Not least because there is a birthday celebration I should be attending then....

I would love to be able to help Calli and M out on the day but to be honest I have so much on that I would be stressed being there and am currently only hanging out on going to get something moving for next Swancon.  I already have ideas and plans for 2011 and that will be no issue because the committee is talking to me about them already (no surprises there though!)

I therefore ask for your comments.  Let me know if you are going and if space to talk about the children's needs at Swancon is something you are wanting.  Otherwise I will look to reschedule the discussion to somewhere and sometime otherwise convenient.  Should the 2010 committee give me some support and should those of you with children, who want a say, get involved.

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Heh, you *make* us talk to you :P

Hi, honey. I am not coming to femmeconne but am very keen on the Swancon kiddies program stuff. Are you coming to the Swancon picnic on the 22nd -perhaps we could discuss it then.

Probably not, TEE marking goes until the 25th this year. Groan. However, I am considering blogging a date or 2 (probably during the school hols) when I will make myself available in some child friendly cafe with a cup of coffee to discuss it. Sound ok?

Sounds good:-)

I'm also not going to Femmeconne, but am keen to talk about kid programming. There is the mailing list, but some face-to-face talk is probably a good thing to kick start it.

I think the mailing list is ok for some things (once I work it out again!) but face to face time is more valuable to get the ball and ideas rolling. Will negoitate a day with you and baby elvis (and anyone else who shows interest) for the hols when I am free weekdays too.


I'll see what I can do as well.

sorry to let you down. :(

You haven't - it's all around bad timing and difficult, we're working on it and you have nothing to feel bad for. *hugs*

from far too many years experience, the most common way to get kids stuff on the program is to hassle, and hassle and hassle. I'm willing to do some of the hassling - we now have a couple of years of momentum behind us, and it would be great to keep that going.

I won't be hassling. I will leave that up to the people who actually need a creche/child space. I am happy to lead organisation and will give time over during my holidays for discussion of that.

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