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Here are some pics of two quilting projects I have underway at the moment.  Nothing to do with the virtual quilting bee although November block material should be arriving soon and adding to my to do list...

Project 1:  Square in square baby quilt for sister in law due in Jan:

and a close up of some of the blocks:

The starting point for this quilt wasn't the Robert Kaufman monkey print but its cousin the brown animal bubbles.  However, as you just can't have a brown baby quilt (practical as that might seem) I took the blue and orange from the bubbles and ran with it.  I was rather pleased with the overall effect.  That spotty looking cream material is actually covered with little hoof and paw prints!

The pattern is from Oh Fransson! and I am planning at this stage to add the appliqued giraffe.  We'll see how I go on the quilting first...While her pattern and quilts are quilted freestyle I am considering in the ditch quilting (ie following the big seam lines and maybe the inner squares) for this first project.  Might be less room for complete disaster.  Anyway, have a bit of time to build up skills and familiarity with my machine before embarking on that.

My second project on the go is the one I am working on for my classes.  It is a 2 part class - last Saturday we learned to cut accurately, form triangles from squares and matched them to strip sewn squares to make 9 patch blocks.  I wasn't sure how I was going to go with this as we didn't make huge progress in class and needed to have the blocks complete for next weekend's class so I though about doing 16 blocks and creating a small centre table throw.  After discussion with Mother in law and due consideration about how much more useful a 24 block lap quilt/throw would be I pushed the boat out and managed to complete them just over 48 hours later.  It wasn't so bad as the techniques we are learning mean our strips and blocks require no pinning along the way and many pieces are strip or chain sewn thus cutting down the time.   Anyway here the are in little piles ready to go:

Some of the materials are "Christmas" fat quarters and I was thinking the overall effect was going to be Christmassy with the red and green.  However, the choice of the poppy accent block (a Melbourne purchase) in the middle as well as the apple material has toned this down a bit and it now looks like it will happily be a pleasant red and green quilt.  The diagonals have turned out nicely too - they are intentional and will form part of an overall design on completion.  Tomorrow I need to go and choose the border material (it will have two borders).  I am leaning towards lightening it up a bit by going more for the greens and maybe incorporating the light green...Any thoughts from my flist?

I have one more project in strips at the moment - a (definitely) Christmas runner for my parents.  I will post those when the blocks are assembled...

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