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So in the absence of stephbg , lyzbeth and I flipped a virtual coin and decided on Fame.  

If you are rubbish at dancing or singing become a teacher.     
eg1 Singing teacher loosens up and takes her students to karaoke.  They get her on stage for a giggle but wow, it turns out the teacher can sing.  Over hot chocolate and bonding afterwards they quiz her as to why she is a teacher if she is so awesomely talented.  According to her it is a boring story but apparently the students love boring stories so she tells them.  She was young and aspiring like them once, headed to Broadway to audition etc etc and kept being knocked back for parts etc etc.  However she dealt with her disappointment and apparent mediocrity by becoming...a teacher.     
eg2 Male ballet dancer struggles to improve his whole time at the school.  Eventually, in his final year his dance teacher pulls him aside and not very gently tells him that while he had some potential in first year he has never improved and that he will never be selected by a ballet company and that he will never make it in the big wide wonderful as a dancer.  He looks crestfalled.  She assures him that not all is lost because although he is a total failure he would make a wonderful... teacher. He tries to kill himself but is rescued by some of his self centred mates and eventually graduates, at peace with himself to become....a teacher.    

If your girlfriend is sexually assulted tell her you told her so and then dump her.
Our young, naive acting heroine goes to see an ex student who has become a "big" star as he has arranged a meeting with his casting agent for her as she has great "talent".  Like, duh.  He tells her the agent isn't around but to run the scene in front of his handicam for her to see later.  It is a sex scene.  She goes to approx 2nd base then chickens out despite her professionalism and finally twigs that it is a scam. Upset, she tells her jealous boyfriend what happend and...he dumps her.                                              

3 If you sing at your mother, she grows a spine instantly.
Another young heroine, this time one who plays classical piano, is not allowed by her strict father to contemplate any other kind of performance despite her aspirations to play jazz or sing.  Her mother sits by like a doormat.  Then the girl lies to her parents, telling them she is doing a "classical jazz" performance when in fact she is singing back up in a Hip Hop routine.  They turn up.  Her mother cries with joy and her father throws a tantrum saying he will pull her out of the school 3 months before graduation.  Mother says look at the hand and tells the daughter to live her dream.

4 There are some strange movie sponsors out there
There is one scene where there are 5 close ups of the "Howard" name on the grand piano.  Unusual product placement.  I wonder how many in the audience had said "Gotta get me one of those Howards"?           
End of rant.


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*hugs you*

Did the pre warning help at all?

You didn't tell me I had to go and buy a Howard! ;)

The prewarning help, thanks, to lower my expectations enough that the cheese was amusing rather than disappointing. Did you pick up on the handling of women in this film too or am I reading too much into it?

dance movies = switching off that part of my brain, ie. guilty pleasure :) Even so - yes. You're spot on.

Brilliant review, thanks for the laughs.

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