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Don't look Redbraids!
Not until you receive the block - hopefully you have it by now anyway. :)
So the brief for the October block for the quilting bee was to contribute to a lap quilt for redbraids .  Therefore no rough or sticky out bits.  The inspiration was a Japanese wood block print.  It was a very cool brief and very inspiring.  I was so excited (added to by the fact I had my new machine to play with) that I got started straight away but then went to Melbourne in between. This is my final product.
and a detail: 

I wanted to carry on the Japanese theme in the motif, hence the fans and also in the style.  As Japanese art tends to be asymmetical I placed them off centre and one is slightly larger than the other. :)  I also wanted to try out a new technique and so chose applique this time.  I considered raw edge applique in my initial thoughts but rejected it in favour of the fans which really called for traditional applique.  The pieces are decorated with an edging of blanket stitch in navy done on the machine and the fan "struts" or whatever they are called are machine sewn in straight stitch straight onto the background.  Should have ironed it before photographing it really. :)  Overall I am pretty happy with the outcome.         

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yours came up really well! Love the fans

I have no idea yet what I am going to make :)

I've only _just_ decided—and I can't see that I'm going to get to the _doing_ part before next week (unless redbraids skips craft on Sunday:-) ).

I think mine might skirt in on the end of the month!

I saw them and they are incredible!

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