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I can haz sewing room
Well, part of a room, the part not taken up with boxes of stuff (tm) and empty suitcases and lego.  However it is sufficient for my purposes and is now beautifully furnished and organised.

Since embarking on sewing with a machine I found that my desk was really too high to be comfortable to sew at.  I have managed short bursts but struggle to get comfy for longer periods of time so A and I headed off to Ikea to buy a wonderfully named Galant table.  It is plain, quite large and deep and has much under table space.  Ideal.  I now have it set up in the spare room with an old set of drawers under it for extra storage.  The table itself is large enough so that I can have my machine set up in the middle and still have room at one end to have my cutting mat or mini ironing board set up on a permanent basis!  Very exciting.  I also have storage boxes for my every growing fabric stash and some clear drawers in which to house projects which are underway rather than having cut pieces lying around the place.  We also moved our (once again Ikea) Not lamp into the room to give better light - I discovered the dimness of the room last night trying to do detailed navy on navy sewing on my block - it would have been impossible had it not been for the quality of the LED in the sewing machine itself.

I can't wait to get playing on my first "big" project, a baby quilt for my sister in law.  I have chosen the fabric and started cutting. It is a relatively simple square in square design, very modern and so should be a good starting point.  Last night I finished October block for our quilting bee (redbraids keep an eye on your letterbox in the coming days) and am happy with the result.  Photo to come when she has received it.

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Very exciting! I look forward to seeing it :-)

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