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Happy Snoopy Dance!
Despite my amateur status, my darling husband encouraged me to purchase this sewing machine.  Long story short:  I was looking at sewing machines because my parents suggested putting towards one for Christmas.  I had looked at a few that seemed ok then met this one and fell in love.  It has everything I would want now and into the future plus it was on sale, plus they had a demo model going even cheaper.  At over $1000 off the regular price it would be after the end of the month I decided it was fate. : )  I can't wait to pick it up and start playing.  Probably more updates to follow about it once I get working on it.

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Oooh! Lovely:-) I use a Bernina myself (at my sister's recommendation—she has 2:-) )

Not sure if it comes with it (it's mentioned in the review), but I _highly_ recommend the knee lift! I only got it because I got my machine second hand, and it came with it. I would _not_ have bought it myself. Now, I wouldn't dream of sewing without it—when I'm overlocking, I try to use my knee all the time:-)

The knee lift is a nice touch. It has so many lovely features. I love the easy to change feet too.

That is so exciting!! Having a good machine makes all the difference.

oh wow, you are going to have lots of fun with that!

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