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The world of fashion
I watched the Project Runway Australia finale last night and was disappointed.

To be honest I went into the finale not too fussed about who won.  None of the finalists really wowed me this season although I had a soft spot for William and I had a gut feeling Anthony would win because he is a bit of an enfant terrible.
When the collections were unveiled though I felt differently.  I didn't really think much of Lauren - she is a bit young and immature in her work but did a better job of her collection than I expected.  Not a big fan of all black though.  My main gripe is about the final two though...
William put together a beautiful, fundamentally wearable collection. He designs clothes which, for high fashion, are extremely flattering to the female form and are feminine and lovely.  He puts thought into construction and colour and fabric.  By the end of the show I wanted him to win.  A win for him would be a win for women really.
Instead Anthony won.  I can't express how much I hated his collection or his attitudes.  Photos from his runway show are here.  I found his twisted headpiece with the flower over the model's mouth disturbing - it was a disempowering image, metaphorically removing her mouth and therefore her voice.  The clothes were desexing and even dehumanising at times.  There was one top (which looked more suited to medieval armed combat)  which squished the model's breasts down so much they kind of poked out the bottom of it painfully.  He kept stating he wanted men in his collection to model women's clothes.  What does that say about his regard for the people he is supposedly designing?  He may be good at construction and be avant garde in his ideas but he  must really hate women and for the fashion industry to support him as the winner? They are perpetuating the idea that women are there to be objectified, bound and desexed.  Very disappointing.