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SYTYCD? has been somewhat controversial for me this week.  First of all it wasn't on at the time I was expecting it, which made me very cross indeed and then two truly wonderful (and one in particular female) dancers got booted out.  Yes, I know it is a competition and that the stakes and standards are very high for the top 10 this year but I could not believe the decision.  The female dancer (no name in case some of you recorded it like I did but haven't watched it) had put in two excellent performances.  The one who was saved had one very mediocre (for this stage in the game) performance and one very good one.

The very good performance of which I speak is what I find rather controversial.  There is no doubt that she and her partner survived on the basis of this dance.  For those who didn't see it, they did a contemporary routine which supposedly told the story of a woman fighting breast cancer and her supportive partner.  There were a lot of angsty moves, there were grimaces, flexed feet etc etc but had I not been told she was a cancer sufferer (and the fact costuming saw it fit to put her in a headscarf and granny pants for some inexplicable reason) I would have thought it was like any other angsty contemporary routine where the partners get tortured with each other.  Having been given the story I did find it very moving and can understand the judges' resposes - everyone has been affected by cancer in some way and in this context the dance was extremely beautiful and moving, but as a dance it was really not much better than some of the other amazingly moving and beautiful routines they have shown.

I find it really sad that sometimes it is luck of the drawer.  I reckon just about any of the couples could have drawn that golden ticket of a tearjerker and had a free pass into the next round - which isn't exactly fair at this stage in the game.  Instead a very talented dancer, who put in two excellent performances that night had to leave, because she didn't get the golden ticket.

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See thats the cuthroat nature of DANCE!

No. I do not!
I knew that would not translate.

I am passionate about dance. Seriously.

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