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My name is Catundra and I am a handbag addict.  I have already come out of the shoe closet (and now I am struggling to stuff the avalanche of shoes that followed me out back into it again) but I don't think so far I have admitted to the handbags.  Unfortunately this company, bragbags Australia, is only fuelling my addiction.  Little did my mother know that her gift of a bragbag to me a couple of years ago would start me off...

Joking aside though, they do the most fabulous bags.  Jenny who is the owner and designer gets her bags made in an ethical fashion and not in sweatshops to cut costs.  She also does not cut corners with fabric choice and all her bags are stunning in their execution, fully lined and with all those extra little holders and pockets for keys, mobile phones etc.  She even makes a bag insert for other, less practical bags.  Yet her handbags are not stupidly expensive and at the moment, many of her latest Winter range is on sale.

Apart from their lusciousness, what I love about the bags are the straps and handles.  Sounds stupid but I like my handbags to sit over my shoulder just so and her handles are the perfect length to be comfortable.

This is one Australian, and even better, Perth based,  business to support and look out for.  I think she might be going places.


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I love bragbags.

Also, I have the old Lily Allen CD. Bring your laptop tomorrow.

I love bags too, particularly Hedgren from Belgium which combine beauty with practicality.

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