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I haven't appreciated anyone (female and artistic) lately so thought it time to drag myself from the kitten and do so.  However this person is a little different in that while she was an artist, she is better known for being a muse to the Surrealist movement.

Nusch (or less mysteriously Maria Benz) is somewhat of an enigma.  My first port of call for these ramblings (my brain) recalls that she was married to French Surrealist poet Paul Eluard but this being France and the early 20th Century she was also involved with to greater and lesser degrees with artists like Pablo Picasso, Man Ray and I believe, Salvador Dali.  She was their muse and model - her image appears regularly in their artwork.  She was also a Surrealist artist herself although not a particularly outstanding one.

My second port of call, the almighty google, does not throw up much more than this.  She was apparently 40 when she died. 

What I find intriguing is that such a woman, who was immortalised by Man Ray in photographs, in paintings by Picasso and by her husband Eluard in poetic form, just seemingly vanished.  To me she really epitomises the malaise and tragic beauty of Europe between two wars.

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