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German women
I was going to do another post about women and art but am feeling a bit weary so will save that for when I am more alert.  Instead I will share tonight some German female vocalists.  It's not all oompah and Rammstein you know. :)

First up is Silbermond.  I love Stephanie Kloss's voice and the lyrics of this song "Symphonie" , which was a hit in Germany in 2004, are so poetic and lovely.  Just have to point out that none of the videos here are the originals as they can't be embedded. 

I also really like "Durch die Nacht" (Through the night)

Another group with cool female vocals (Eva Briegel) is Juli.  Here they are with "Perfekte Welle"

Finally Christina Stuermer with "Ich Lebe" (I live) from her album Schwarz Weiss. (Just to clarify, Stuermer is actually Austrian. :))

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