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Spice Girls
I was having a think about female musicians who I don't necessarily like but respect anyway for the influence they have had on the music scene.  Currently Lady GaGa (ok, I admit I actually find her music infectious and need to shake my groove thang when I here her tunes) springs to mind as not only hugely influential on the club scene but also an extremely astute business woman.  Beyonce is another one.  The Pussycat Dolls are a pretty significant money spinning powerhouse churning out pop.  But where would these women be if not for Madonna, Kylie Minogue and in the case of the Pussycat Dolls - The Spice Girls?

I am not going to inflict any Spice Girls on you here...ok maybe I will just to set the scene :)

The Spice Girls, love 'em or hate 'em paved the way for the modern girl group.  Even funnier, this completely artificial and manufactured group managed to eclipse the Brit Pop groups on the scene at the time.  Blur and Oasis were completely overshadowed when the Spice Girls debuted with Wannabe and never really found their footing again. 

Were these ladies pawns of the music industry?  Talentless but cute?  Everyone has their own opinion but what is for sure, no matter how they started out they ended up one of the most if not the most successful girl groups in pop music history.  Certainly they made the most of the potential for success handed to them and they ran with it, reinventing themselves for their market - and that takes business savvy.

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Thank you! I have been thinking that this song deserved to be appreciated, (I was gonna say not on the Hottest 100 of all time but then, no I retract that). They were a sensation. This song will be remembered for a long time and yeah they brought us the girl group, for good or bad.

They deserve to be here!

Thank you for being brave and posting something that people often look down, and frankly, I really like a couple of their songs (this is one of them). The rest I am not keen on, and I agree that they were a phenomenon.

PS, to quote wiki "The song proved to be a global hit, hitting number 1 in 31 countries and becoming not only the biggest selling debut single by an all-female group but also the biggest-selling single by an all-female group of all time."

Can't argue with that really can you?

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