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Female Appreciation update
I have loved reading about and listening to all the other suggestions - I hope mine have been interesting for others too. :)  Anyway, last night we found ourselves in Leederville and Urban Records was dangerously open.  Based on recent events we have now added to our music collection by purchasing:

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now
Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night
Regina Spektor - Far

oh, and somehow the soundtrack to The Boat that Rocked snuck in there too...Some very cool music on the 2 CD soundtrack but not many women, I think Dusty Springfield may be it.  Anyway, in that bag of goodies I don't think the testosterone will be getting out of control!

Unfortunately Kate Nash had sold out so couldn't get her album last night and while I was tempted by the new Lily Allen I figure I can get that more commercially later on.

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I'll swap you Regina for Lily Allen tomorrow - I'll bring my laptop.

Managed to get Lily Allen but if you have her last album instead that would be good. Will bring RS anyway.

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