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George and Katie
Today I want to evangelise about George or more specifically about Katie Noonan, another Australian musical talent. 

I think these days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to etherial female voices, I am thinking Regina Spektor and Clare Bowditch to name a couple of my favourites but I believe that Katie Noonan was one of a kind when she sang with George and still is the reigning queen of shivers down your spine vocals.  Her range is truly spectacular.

Here she is with George singing Breathe in Now

It is no surprise therefore that since going solo she has chosen to perform many more classical pieces.  Including this one in French! (embedding was disabled).

After the Hottest 100 scandal I find it rather amusing that she has also recorded a version of Hallelujah.  The quality of this recording doesn't seem to do her voice complete justice however I still feel I can say "take that Jeff Buckley!".

What a talented lady.

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