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Thanks to my husband...
...I have been introduced to some fantastic female artists.  I was dubious at first about his taste in music but amongst the rhinestones are some real diamonds. :)  I would like to share some of them here.

Suzanne Vega.  Yes, yes, we all know Luka and that is a pretty good song I will admit but she is so much more than that.  We saw her live together last year and I fell in love.  We were in the front row and I was under her spell.  I love the poetry of her music, the fact she doesn't feel a need to have verses and choruses - just throws everything out the window and tells an amazing story.  One of my favourites is The Queen and the Soldier.

I never thought I was a fan of acapella but Tom's Diner is so cool.

Speaking of acapella, here is Serena Ryder's Sing Sing Sing

Serena Ryder has the most amazing voice and stage presence.  A discovered her while I was away in Germany with students.  We were chatting online every day and he would send me little links and so forth.  I am pretty sure it was Just Another Day he sent me and it moved me so much.  This version is a bit more upbeat than the studio version but still great.

I won't post it here but we had her cover of Good Morning Starshine at our wedding. :)

Speaking of our wedding, our first dance (or rather, ungainly shuffle) was to the most beautiful (and appropriate) song by Sarah Storer.  She is a fantastic Australian talent, who coincidentally we saw supporting Suzanne Vega.  I love the voices of all of these women, they are rich, poetic and soulful.  Anyway, here is "our" Sarah Storer song.  I cry every time I hear it - but in a good way. :)

Star - Sara Storer</div>